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Food in Mumbai

Famous Food in Mumbai

Mumbai is the vibrant metropolis on the western coast of India, is not only famous for its bustling streets and iconic landmarks but also for its rich and diverse culinary scene. From savory street foods to delectable delicacies, the city offers a gastronomic experience like no other. In this article we explore some of the Mumbai famous foods and highlight the best street foods in Mumbai that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. View Below for Mumbai Famous Foods or Street Foods in Mumbai.

Mumbai Famous Foods

1. Vada Pav

No visit to Mumbai is complete without indulging in the quintessential street food, Vada Pav. This iconic snack consists of a spicy potato filling (vada) sandwiched between a soft pav (bread roll), served with tangy chutneys and fried green chilies. It’s the perfect combination of flavors and textures that will leave you craving for more.

2. Pav Bhaji

Another Mumbai favorite is Pav Bhaji, a flavorful mashed vegetable curry served with buttered pav. This hearty dish is a staple street food enjoyed by Mumbaikars of all ages. Whether you’re craving a quick bite on the go or a satisfying meal, Pav Bhaji never disappoints. View More About Street Foods in Mumbai.

3. Bhel Puri

For those looking for a lighter option, Bhel Puri is the way to go. This refreshing snack is made with puffed rice, chopped vegetables, tangy tamarind chutney, and spicy green chutney, creating a burst of flavors in every bite. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, spicy, and tangy, making it a popular choice among street food enthusiasts.

4. Sev Puri

Sev Puri is another Mumbai street food favorite that is sure to tickle your taste buds. This crunchy and tangy snack is made with crisp puris (fried dough shells) topped with a mixture of diced potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and a generous sprinkle of sev (thin noodles made from chickpea flour). It’s a burst of flavors and textures that will leave you craving for more.

5. Samosa with Chola at Guru Kripa, Sion

One of the most famous dishes in Mumbai it is served with a very delicious gravy of chickpea and Known as Mumbai’s most famous samosa, this dish is served with gravy and tamarind-y flavour in the taste. After spreading some slices of onion and coriander it looks amazing then you can’t stop yourself to give it a try.

Cost : Rs. 300 for Two People

Address : 40, Guru Kripa Building, Road 24, Near SIES College, Sion, Mumbai

Also Try : Gulab Jamun, Sweet Lassi, Chole – Bhature, Samosa Chole, Chole Tikki

6. Kheema Pav at Gulshan-e-Iran, Crawford Market

Filled with Mughlai taste the dish is one of its kind. If you are coming Mumbai first time then you should check this item of Gulshan e Iran’s menu. You can try tikka masala, Garlic Naan, Rabdi Kulfi and Firni as well in just for Rs 450 for Two People.

Cost : Rs 450. for Two People

Address : 15, Corner Of MRA Marg, Musafir Khana Road, Crawford Market, Mumbai CST Area, Mumbai

7. Vodka Panipuri, Pratap Da Dhaba

It’s very different from other dishes and worthy to try. Chef of Pratap Da Dhaba invented this new dish to just add some new taste to the older dish “Panipuri”. If you don’t want to try other things, make sure you try this.

Cost : Rs 800/ only for Two People

Address : Link Plaza, Next To Punjab & Maharashtra Bank, Oshiwara, Andheri West, Mumbai

Also Try : Prawn Biriyani, Vodka Pani Puri, Rabdi Jalebi

8. White Biryani at Noor Mohammadi, Bhendi Bazaar

This street is known for its various type of tasty dishes in Mumbai. There are many great restaurants one of them is Noor Mohamad. Best time of visiting there is Ramadan. In this time even Bollywood stars come to eat here.

Cost : Rs 300 for Two People

Address : 179, Wazir Building, Abdul Hakim Chowk, Bhendi Bazar, Near Girgaum, Mumbai

Also Try : Chicken Hakimi

9. Bun Maska and Mava samosa of Mervan

When it comes to cookies and tea Grant road is very famous for its Bun Maska and Irani Chai. Baked cookies of Grant road are the main attraction of visitors and they come here to have some great baked cookies. Merwans is quite famous for its baked dishes like pastries, tea cakes and other types of cookies also.

Cost : Rs 150 for Two People

Address : Ali Bhai Remji Road, Opposite Station, Grant Road East, Mumbai

Also Try : Pastries, Irani chai, Bun Maska pav

10. Imbiss

Another great place is Imbiss that remains packed most of the times. Their food quality is the great and famous dish of this place is its special kind of red meat. The way they serve the red meat is unmatched and quality and taste of the dish are try-worthy.

Cost : Rs. 650 for Two People

Address : Goan Sausage Pulao, Weiner Schnitzel, Smoked Pork With Fat And Rind, Beef Burger, Bavarian Ham And Cheese Sandwich, Milanesa Nepolitana, Baby Back Spare Ribs

Also Try : 14, Ben O Lil Haven, Waroda Road, Off Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

8. Jai Jawan

Jai Jawan is quite famous for its non-veg dishes mainly for its non-veg snacks. This is the best place for the persons who visit Hill road and with a load of shopping, they want to have some snacks in order to get freshness.

Cost : Rs. 600 for Two People

Address : Opposite National College, Next to Chappal Market, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Also Try : Tandoori Chicken, Punjabi Prawns Masala, Punjabi Prawn Fry

11. Veg. Lunch and Pina Colada at Govinda restaurant, ISCKON

Well known for its buffet style is another good place to have a taste of Mumbai’s great food. They serve a range of dishes including three type of starts, two types of Dals and three types of their main dishes, cooked in pure ghee. These great foods always accompanied by three types of ice creams and three type of sweet dishes and also three types of great drinks.

Cost : Rs 900 for Two People; cost per head for the buffet is Rs 450

Address : Iskcon Hare Krishna Temple, Juhu, Mumbai

Also Try : The vegetarian lunch, Pina Colada

12. Sizzlers at Kobe ’s, Girgaum

If you want to taste the Indian spices then you must have a visit to Kobe. Their quality remained great throughout the years and famous dish of this great place is its sizzlers. They serve some masterpiece of sizzlers with their supreme kind of hospitality and environment.

Cost : Rs 1500 for Two People

Address : 13/14, Sukh Sagar, Hughes Road, Opera House, Chowpatty, Mumbai

Also Try : Chicken Satellite

Bandra Street Food

In addition to its upscale eateries, Bandra is also home to some of Mumbai’s best street food stalls. From piping hot kebabs to mouth-watering chaat, Bandra’s streets come alive with the aromas of delicious food. Whether you’re exploring the bustling lanes of Hill Road or taking a leisurely stroll along Carter Road, you’re sure to encounter some hidden culinary gems in Bandra.


Mumbai’s culinary scene is a reflection of its vibrant and diverse culture, with a plethora of flavors and cuisines waiting to be explored. Whether you’re indulging in the famous street foods of Mumbai or sampling the delights of Bandra’s food scene, you’re in for a gastronomic adventure like no other. So, grab a plate, dig in, and immerse yourself in the culinary delights of the city that never sleeps.

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