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Leh to Srinagar Jeep Safari

Our Jeep Safari proceed from Leh to Uletokpo covering a distance of 73 km while visit Alchi Gompa en-route. From Uletokpo, Kargil is 168 km away. While visiting Lamayuru Monastery en-route, we stop at Sonmarg. Sonmarg is called the ‘The meadow of Gold’ for its local yellow crocus crop during Spring season. Our next spot to visit is the Sindh Valley. Its panoramic villages are not-to-missed spots. We finally reach Srinagar to explore the Paradise on Earth’ the next morning. Jeep Safari Sri Nagar Leh

Next morning your Jeep Safari takes you to the central attraction of Kashmir, the Dal Lake which is 32 square km. in area. This large lake presents a picturesque view with lotus flowers peeping out from the water surface and rows of Shikaras awaiting you for a ride. The sightseeing in Srinagar on Jeep Safari covers other destinations like Chashme Shahi (Royal Spring) Garden, Nishat Bagh (Pleasure Garden) and Shalimar Bagh (The Abode of Love), Shankaracharya Temple located on a hilltop and Gulmarg (the meadow of flowers) which was the favourite hill resort of romantic Emperor Jehangir and his beautiful wife Nur Jehan. View below for srinagar leh jeep safari tour.

Exploring the Leh to Srinagar Jeep Safari

The Leh to Srinagar jeep safari is a thrilling ride from Ladakh to Kashmir. Starting in Leh, the capital of Ladakh, and ending in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, this journey is filled with breathtaking views and cultural experiences.

Highlights of the Jeep Safari

Beautiful Scenery

Enjoy stunning views along the Leh to Srinagar route. Pass through iconic landmarks like Zoji La Pass and Drass Valley, where you’ll be treated to majestic mountains and serene valleys.

Cultural Experiences

Interact with locals and explore traditional villages along the way. Sample local cuisine and learn about the rich culture of Ladakh and Kashmir, making your journey more memorable.

Historic Sites

Visit ancient monasteries and forts that dot the landscape. Explore the centuries-old monasteries of Lamayuru and Alchi, and marvel at the Leh Palace’s grandeur.

Planning Your Safari Tour

Best Time to Go

Plan your safari during the summer months, from May to September, for the best weather and road conditions. Avoid traveling in winter, as heavy snowfall can make the journey difficult.

Choosing Your Route

Research different routes and choose one that suits your preferences. Each route offers unique attractions and challenges, so pick one that matches your interests.

Preparing for the Journey

Pack essentials like warm clothing, sturdy shoes, sunscreen, and water. Arrange accommodation and meals along the route, as facilities may be limited in remote areas.

In Conclusion

The srinagar leh jeep safari tour is an adventure of a lifetime, offering stunning scenery and cultural experiences along the way. Whether you’re a nature lover or an adventure enthusiast, this journey promises to be unforgettable. So, gear up and get ready to explore the beauty of Ladakh and Kashmir with a Leh to Srinagar jeep safari.

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