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Top Things To Buy in Vanarasi

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Varanasi is Also Know as Kashi, the spiritual capital of India, is not only known for its ghats and temples but also for its vibrant markets offering a plethora of unique items. Let’s take a closer look at the top shopping destinations and must-buy items in this ancient city.

Varanasi Silk Sarees

One cannot visit Kashi without indulging in the timeless elegance of Varanasi silk sarees. These exquisite garments are renowned for their luxurious feel, intricate designs, and rich colors.

 Charm of Banarasi Handicrafts

From intricately carved wooden items to handwoven carpets and brassware, Kashi is a treasure trove of traditional handicrafts. Explore the bustling markets to find unique pieces that showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Embark on a Culinary Journey

Varanasi is not just a feast for the soul but also for the taste buds. Sample local delicacies such as kachoris, chaats, and lassis from street vendors and local eateries. Don’t forget to savor the famous Benarasi paan for a truly authentic experience.

Discover Spiritual Souvenirs

Take home a piece of Varanasi’s spiritual essence with you by purchasing sacred souvenirs such as rudraksha beads, incense sticks, and holy figurines. These items not only make for meaningful gifts but also serve as reminders of your spiritual journey in Varanasi.

Experience Kashi Street Markets

Stroll through the bustling streets of Varanasi and explore its vibrant markets, each offering a unique shopping experience. From the bustling lanes of Vishwanath Gali to the colorful stalls of Thatheri Bazaar, there’s something for everyone in Varanasi’s bustling markets.

Varanasi’s Famous Street Food

After a day of shopping recharge your batteries with Varanasi’s famous street food. Indulge in mouthwatering snacks such as samosas, jalebis, and kachoris and wash it all down with a refreshing glass of lassi or sugarcane juice. With its rich cultural heritage, vibrant markets and delectable cuisine, Kashi offers a shopping experience like no other.

Top Places To Buy In Varanasi

  • Old Varanasi Street Market – Best place for religious items, household articles and sweets.
  • Banaras Art Culture gallery and European art gallery – For paintings.
  • Bengali Tola region – Famous for musical instruments and music classes.
  • Thatheri bazaar – Silk articles.
  • Gyanvapi – Famous for textiles and glass items.
  • Golghar – Famous for handicraft items, garments and household articles.
  • Shops closer to Vishwanatha Gali – silk articles and jewels.
  • Godaulia – handlooms, jewelry and others.

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