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10 Amusement Parks in Delhi and Nearby for Entertainment

When it comes to experiencing thrill, fun, and excitement, Amusement Parks in Delhi provide the perfect escape from the daily grind. The capital city and its surrounding regions are home to some of the best amusement parks in the country, offering a blend of exhilarating rides, entertainment shows, and delightful culinary experiences. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 Delhi Amusement Parks that promise an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

1. Adventure Island

Located in Rohini, Adventure Island is a favorite among thrill-seekers. Spread over 62 acres, this park boasts a wide variety of rides, including roller coasters, water slides, and bumper cars. The park is divided into two sections – the amusement park and the Lagoon, which is a water park. Some of the popular rides include Sky Riders, Z-Force, and Bush Buggies. Adventure Island also features live entertainment shows and numerous food outlets, making it a perfect family destination.

2. Worlds of Wonder

Situated in Noida, Worlds of Wonder is one of the most popular Amusement Parks in Delhi NCR. It is divided into two sections: the Roadshow Zone and the La Fiesta Zone. The park features a variety of rides such as the Mega Disko, Download, and the Feedback. The La Fiesta Zone is specifically designed for kids and families with gentle rides and attractions. The water park section, known as WoW Water Park, includes thrilling water slides, a lazy river, and a wave pool.

3. Appu Ghar

Appu Ghar, located in Gurgaon, is a legacy amusement park known for its exciting rides and water attractions. The park features numerous attractions, including the Skyfall, a 90-feet high water slide, and the Lazy River. For those looking for a bit of nostalgia, the iconic Appu Columbus ride is a must-try. The park also hosts live music performances and offers a variety of dining options.

4. Fun N Food Village

One of the oldest Amusement Parks in Delhi NCR, Fun N Food Village is located in Kapashera. The park offers a blend of amusement rides and water park attractions. Key attractions include the Snow Blaster, Water Merry Go Round, and the Wave Pool. The park also features India’s longest water slide, known as the Lazy River. With a dedicated kids’ zone and multiple eateries, Fun N Food Village is a great spot for a day out with the family.

5. Just Chill Water & Fun Park

Located on GT Karnal Road, Just Chill Water & Fun Park is a perfect destination for beating the heat. The park features an array of water rides, such as the Rainbow, Black Thrill, and Katrina Twist. For those who prefer land-based activities, the park offers rides like the Bull Ride and the Merry Go Round. The park also organizes various fun activities and games for children, making it a family-friendly venue.

6. Splash Water Park

Splash Water Park, situated in Alipur, is one of the most frequented Amusement Parks of Delhi. The park is known for its thrilling water rides like the Crazy River, Harakiri, and the Cyclone Family Slide. In addition to water attractions, the park also has several amusement rides, including the Mini Columbus and the Break Dance. The park’s lush green surroundings and well-maintained facilities make it a pleasant outing spot.

7. Atlantic Water World

Atlantic Water World is located in Kalindi Kunj and is a premier water park in the Delhi NCR region. The park offers a variety of water rides, including the Tornado, Storm Eye, and the Yippee Land for kids. The park also features a large wave pool and a lazy river. With its state-of-the-art facilities and strict adherence to safety standards, Atlantic Water World provides a fun and secure environment for visitors.

8. Drizzling Land

Located in Ghaziabad, Drizzling Land is a combined water and amusement park that promises a day full of excitement. The water park section includes attractions like the Wave Pool, Kiddies Pool, and various water slides. The amusement park section offers rides such as the Roller Coaster, Swing Chair, and the Disc Coaster. Drizzling Land also hosts regular DJ nights and live performances to entertain visitors.

9. Aapno Ghar

Situated on the Delhi-Jaipur Expressway, Aapno Ghar is a family-friendly amusement and water park. The park features a variety of rides, including the Turbo Twister, Aqua Tube, and Family Fun Slide. For those who prefer amusement rides, the park offers attractions like the Flying Bob, Break Dance, and the Baby Train. Aapno Ghar also has a resort facility, making it a great weekend getaway destination.

10. Jurasik Park Inn

Jurasik Park Inn, located in Sonipat, offers a unique blend of amusement rides, water park attractions, and dinosaur-themed decor. The park’s standout features include the Freefall Jump, Pendulum Ride, and the Racing Slide. The water park section boasts a variety of slides and pools, including the Wave Pool and the Lazy River. The park’s prehistoric theme adds an extra layer of fun, making it a hit among children and adults alike.

Entry Rates to Delhi Rides Amusement Park

  • Adult Combo (Rides+ Water park) – Rs. 600 on weekdays and Rs. 700 on weekends
  • Children (Rides+ Water park)- 600 on weekdays and Rs. 500 on weekends
  • Adult (Water park) – 600
  • Children (Water park) – Rs.600 on weekdays and Rs. 500 on weekends
  • Adult (Rides) – 500 on weekdays and Rs.600 on weekends
  • Children (Rides) – Rs.500 on weekdays and Rs. 600 on weekends
  • Couple Combo (Rides + Water park) – Rs. 1000 on weekdays and Rs. 1200 for weekends

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Delhi and its surrounding areas are home to some of the most exciting and diverse amusement parks in the country. From thrilling rides to relaxing water attractions, these parks offer something for everyone. Whether you’re planning a family outing, a day with friends, or a solo adventure, the Amusement Parks in Delhi promise an unforgettable experience filled with fun, excitement, and memories to cherish.

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