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Top Things to Do in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, known as the Land of Kings, is a mesmerizing state in northern India that offers an incredible array of experiences for travelers. From historic forts and palaces to vibrant festivals and serene deserts, there are countless things to do in Rajasthan that cater to all kinds of interests. This comprehensive guide highlights the top things to do in Rajasthan, the best places to see in Rajasthan, and offers insight into what to do in Rajasthan to make the most of your visit.

Discover top things to do in Rajasthan, from exploring the best places to see to finding out what to do in Rajasthan for an unforgettable experience.

Top Things to Do in Rajasthan

1. Explore Majestic Forts and Palaces

Rajasthan is renowned for its grand forts and palaces, which stand as testaments to the region’s rich history and architectural prowess. Some of the must-visit sites include:

  • Amber Fort in Jaipur: A stunning example of Rajput architecture, this fort offers breathtaking views and intricate interiors.
  • City Palace in Udaipur: Overlooking Lake Pichola, this palace complex is a blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture.
  • Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur: One of the largest forts in India, offering panoramic views of the Blue City and an impressive museum.

2. Experience the Thar Desert

A visit to the Thar Desert is one of the top things to do in Rajasthan. Activities in the desert include:

  • Camel Safaris: Explore the golden dunes on a camel, experiencing the traditional way of desert travel.
  • Desert Camping: Spend a night under the stars in a desert camp, complete with cultural performances and traditional Rajasthani cuisine.
  • Jaisalmer Sand Dunes: Visit the Sam Sand Dunes for an unforgettable sunset experience.

3. Attend Vibrant Festivals

Rajasthan’s festivals are a riot of colors, music, and dance, offering a deep dive into the local culture. Key festivals to experience include:

  • Pushkar Camel Fair: Held annually in Pushkar, this fair is a unique blend of livestock trading, cultural performances, and vibrant markets.
  • Jaipur Literature Festival: The world’s largest free literary festival, attracting authors, thinkers, and book lovers from around the globe.
  • Desert Festival in Jaisalmer: A three-day extravaganza featuring camel races, folk music, and dance.

Best Places to See in Rajasthan

1. Jaipur

Known as the Pink City, Jaipur is famous for its stunning architecture and bustling bazaars. Key attractions include:

  • Hawa Mahal: The Palace of Winds with its unique honeycomb structure.
  • Jantar Mantar: An astronomical observatory with intriguing instruments.
  • Nahargarh Fort: Offering panoramic views of Jaipur, especially at sunset.

2. Udaipur

Often called the Venice of the East, Udaipur is renowned for its beautiful lakes and palaces. Must-see places include:

  • Lake Pichola: A picturesque lake surrounded by palaces and temples.
  • Jag Mandir: An island palace with stunning architecture.
  • Saheliyon Ki Bari: A historic garden known for its fountains, kiosks, and marble elephants.

3. Jodhpur

The Blue City of Jodhpur is famous for its blue-painted houses and imposing forts. Highlights include:

  • Mehrangarh Fort: Dominating the skyline, this fort is a marvel of architecture and history.
  • Umaid Bhawan Palace: A part of which is still the residence of the royal family, with a museum and a luxury hotel.
  • Clock Tower and Sardar Market: A bustling market area perfect for shopping local handicrafts.

4. Jaisalmer

Known as the Golden City, Jaisalmer is famed for its yellow sandstone architecture. Key sights include:

  • Jaisalmer Fort: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the few living forts in the world.
  • Patwon Ki Haveli: An ornate haveli with intricate carvings and beautiful interiors.
  • Sam Sand Dunes: Ideal for camel safaris and experiencing the desert landscape.

What to Do in Rajasthan

1. Enjoy Local Cuisine

Rajasthan’s cuisine is as rich and varied as its culture. Don’t miss out on:

  • Dal Baati Churma: A traditional Rajasthani dish.
  • Laal Maas: A spicy meat curry.
  • Ghewar: A sweet delicacy, especially popular during festivals.

2. Shop for Handicrafts

Rajasthan is a shopper’s paradise, offering a wide range of handicrafts, textiles, and jewelry. Key shopping destinations include:

  • Johari Bazaar in Jaipur: Famous for jewelry.
  • Clock Tower Market in Jodhpur: Known for spices, textiles, and handicrafts.
  • Hathi Pol Bazaar in Udaipur: Ideal for traditional paintings and souvenirs.

3. Experience Traditional Music and Dance

Rajasthan’s folk music and dance forms are integral to its cultural heritage. Enjoy performances of:

  • Ghoomar: A traditional dance form.
  • Kalbeliya: The dance of the snake charmers’ community.
  • Manganiyar and Langa Music: Traditional Rajasthani folk music performed by local communities.


Rajasthan is a land of unparalleled beauty, rich culture, and historical significance. From exploring majestic forts and palaces to experiencing the vibrant festivals and serene desert landscapes, there are endless things to do in Rajasthan. This guide covers the top things to do in Rajasthan, the best places to see in Rajasthan, and offers insights into what to do in Rajasthan to ensure you have a memorable and enriching travel experience.

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