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Chor Bazaar, Delhi

Chor Bazaar in Delhi

Delhi, a city that marries tradition with modernity, is renowned for its vibrant markets. Among these, the Delhi Chor Bazaar stands out as a fascinating blend of history, culture, and commerce. This guide delves into the heart of the Chor Bazaar in Delhi, offering a comprehensive look at its myriad offerings and unique charm.

Delhi Chor Bazaar with unique antiques and treasures. Explore Chor Bazaar in Delhi and vibrant Delhi Chor markets.

If you are interested to visit a market that sales pre-owned goods with a lot of pride, then Chor Bazaar in Delhi is certainly the best option for you. If you visit Delhi, you will find this market and Delhi is a place where there are a number of things that will not stop amazing you.

A Historical Glimpse into Delhi Chor Bazaar

The Delhi Chor Bazaar, often shrouded in an aura of mystery, has a rich historical background. The term “Chor Bazaar” translates to “Thieves Market,” a name that hints at its origins. Historically, it was a hub where stolen goods were purportedly traded, but today, it is a legitimate marketplace known for its eclectic mix of goods. This market has evolved over the years, retaining its old-world charm while adapting to modern demands.


Things to buy at Chor Bazaar

There are a number of things that you can buy in the chor bazaar and if you want to get an idea about the list of things you can buy here, then you can go through the list given below:

1. Books

The best day to visit this market is on a Sunday. This is because just beside this market, there is a very famous book market called Darya Ganj. Here you get books at steal deals. Everything starting from novels to the books for exam preparation are available here.

You will also get text books, planners etc. The best thing is that you get all these books at a price that you simply cannot imagine. This is a paradise for the book lovers because you get books that start from Rs. 20. Another amazing thing about this market is that you can also get books here at Rs.100 per kg. This is certainly quite amazing and alluring for the book lovers.

2. Clothes

You will get clothes of some of the best brands here. You will get the rejected stuffs from the best brands like Zara, Louis Vuitton, H & M, Raymond’s, and Forever 21. The price for one piece starts from as low as Rs.50 and you can own outfits of every reputed brand at minimal price.

The customers stand in queue in the early hours because it is during this time that you will get the most fantastic items at the most reasonable price.

You will find these clothes stacked on the bed sheets on road sides. So make sure that you have enough time in hand when you visit this market. This will surely ensure that you get some of the best stuffs in the market.

3. Cameras

If photography is your passion, then the chor bazaar is certainly the best available option for you. You will get the camera and the equipments of all the best companies available in this market. This is the hub from where the budding photographers buy their supplies. The high end cameras start from a range of Rs. 2000.

You will get cameras from some of the best companies like Fujifilm, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Canon etc. But it is important that you carefully check out if you are buying authentic staffs from here because there are also a number of duplicate stuffs to fool the customers.

4. Mobile phone and accessories

You will get everything here starting from the inexpensive Chinese handsets to the latest iPhones. You will get these phones in this market at real jaw dropping rates. The best part is that you get iphones available here for as low as Rs.5000.

You will also be able to get the various phone accessories like,the headphone, chargers, pen drives, SD cards and earphones here. These are also available at a very reasonable price. You do not get ant guarantee on these products and so it is very important for you to be cautious about the authenticity of these products.

5. Sports and Gym Equipments

There are a number of roadside vendors in this market who sell gym equipment and these include dumbells and also weights. These are available at prices that are much lower than the actual showroom price.

You will also get some of the best sports equipment here and these include rackets, hockey sticks, bats, skates, knee pads and also helmets. The quality of the products this market offers at such a low price is unbelievable.

People visiting this place for the first time will be truly amazed. In order to survive in this market, it is important for you to have an eye for good quality products and also good bargaining skills. The various brands available here are Adidas, Puma, Nike, Decathlon, Adidas etc.

6. Stationery

You will all the stationery items here starting from planners to the cute erasers. There are also some very beautiful notepads available for the stationery enthusiasts. The price ranges of these products start from Rs.10. You will get everything that you need here. Even if you have a very small budget, you will be able to get a lot of items that you require.

7. Wallets and Bags

Many of you must have seen bags of some of the best companies in the internet and have dreamt of owning one. If you are also one among them, then without further delay, visit the Chor Bazaar in Delhi. Here you will come across the wallets and the bags of some of the best brands.

You will get wallets and bags from some of the best companies like Chanel, Michael, Louis Vuitton, Kors, Steve Madden, Keith, Charles and Gucci. The best part is that you get stuffs from all these brands at quite a reasonable price. These are available at prices as low as Rs. 500.

8. Shoes

Be it your accessories, your clothing or your foot wear, this market has everything that you need. You also get all these things at a very reasonable price. You get heels, flats and shoes from some of the reputed brands like Aldo, Forever 21, H&M, Puma, Adidas, Steve Madden, Jimmy Choo, Nike and Reebok.

The starting range of a good pair of heels is from Rs. 800, which means that it is not at all heavy on your pockets. In fact Chor Bazaar can actually give you a makeover from head to toe and all this at quite less prices.

9. Antiques

This market is also the best place to get antique jewellery and antique show pieces at quite a reasonable price. You will get some of the best Kundan work and also silver jewellery here. You will see these in the showcases of the small shops of the bazaar. These antiques attract the attention of a number of foreigners and also Indians.

You will get to see some of the most beautiful iron and wooden handicrafts here and you can get all of these without putting much pressure on your pockets.

10. Food

If you want to taste the yummy and delicious food, then there can be no better place than Old Delhi. This is certainly a paradise for all the non-vegetarians. You will get to taste some delicious chicken biriyani, chicken korma and other chicken dishes. The best part here is that you get all these at a very reasonable price. The quality of food here is quite good as the chicken used here is fresh.

Though this is considered to be the paradise for non-vegetarians, it does not really mean that it has nothing to offer the vegetarians. Lassi, Halwa, Jalebi, Daulat ki chaat and kulfi are also worth tasting here.

Location and Accessibility

Nestled in the bustling lanes of Old Delhi, near Jama Masjid and Red Fort, the Chor Bazaar markets in Delhi are easily accessible by metro, bus, and auto-rickshaw. The nearest metro station is Chawri Bazar, from where a short rickshaw ride will take you into the heart of the market.

Tips for Shopping at Delhi Chor Bazaar

Bargaining is Key

One of the most crucial skills for shopping at the Chor Bazaar in Delhi is bargaining. Vendors often quote higher prices, expecting customers to haggle. Polite yet firm negotiation can help you secure the best deals.

Check for Authenticity

Given the market’s reputation for selling second-hand and sometimes counterfeit goods, it’s important to check the authenticity and condition of items before making a purchase. For electronics, ensure they are in working order, and for antiques, verify their authenticity.

Stay Vigilant

Like any crowded marketplace, the Delhi Chor Bazaar can be a hotspot for pickpockets. Keep your belongings secure and be mindful of your surroundings to enjoy a safe shopping experience.

Cultural Significance of Chor Bazaar

The Delhi Chor Bazaar is not just a marketplace; it is a cultural experience. The market encapsulates the spirit of Old Delhi, with its narrow lanes, historical buildings, and the constant hum of commerce. It offers a glimpse into the everyday life of the locals and the rich tapestry of Delhi’s history.

Best Time to Visit

The market is open every day, but the best time to visit is on Sunday when the market is at its liveliest. Early morning or late afternoon are ideal times to explore the market to avoid the peak heat and crowds.

Food Delights Near Chor Bazaar

No visit to the Chor Bazaar markets in Delhi is complete without sampling the local cuisine. The area around the market is famous for its street food, offering delicious treats such as kebabs, parathas, and jalebis. Karim’s, a legendary eatery near Jama Masjid, is a must-visit for authentic Mughlai cuisine.

Nearby Attractions

While in the vicinity, take time to visit some of Old Delhi’s iconic landmarks. The majestic Jama Masjid, with its grand architecture, and the historic Red Fort are just a stone’s throw away from the Chor Bazaar. These sites provide a deeper understanding of Delhi’s rich heritage.


The Delhi Chor Bazaar is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the vibrant culture and eclectic offerings of Old Delhi. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a tech geek, or a fashion lover, the Chor Bazaar in Delhi promises an unforgettable shopping experience. With its unique blend of history, culture, and commerce, it stands as a testament to Delhi’s enduring charm.

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